Stainless Steel Heat Pipe Fabrication, Performance Testing and Modeling

出處 核研所 作者 Lee, How-Ming Tsai, Meng-Chang Chen, Hsin-Liang Li, Heng-Yi 年份 2017
報告類型 國際期刊 分類 其他 |節能 資料時間 2017年12月

    A set of stainless steel tabular heat pipes are successfully fabricated, for the purpose of the low-grade heat recovery applications in a corrosion exhaust environment. The fabrication, the thermal performance testing systems, and modeling are presented in the paper. Experimental results show that the water filling ratio plays a significant role in the thermal performance of heat pipes. A numerical model is developed and the model prediction is trustworthy in comparison with experimental data. The model reveals that a better heat pipe thermal performance could be achieved by selecting a material with higher thermal conductivity coefficient. However, it should be compromised in terms of the thermal performance and the application concerns like corrosion.

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